Answering your frequently asked questions.

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Q: Are you a registered charity?

A: Yes, Springboard’s Charitable Registration Number is 11906 9094 RR0001

Q: I am a student with volunteer hours to complete – what volunteer opportunities do you have?

A: We generally have volunteer opportunities in two programs – our Youth Justice Committees and in our S.O.A.R. program. The Youth Justice Committees program generally recruits volunteers at one time during the year based on a number of available spots. When they are recruiting in will be posted in the Volunteer section of the website. The S.O.A.R. program is always recruiting and you can contact the Supervisor at S.O.A.R directly regarding your interest.

Q: I’m planning on attending a Springboard event and I need more information – where can I get it?

A: On the Events page of our website. Alternately, if the information is not available on the website, you can reach one of the members of our development team by calling (416) 977-0089 ext. 225.

Youth Justice

Q: My child is in one of your youth justice residences – can I see him/her?

A: Yes, each residence has typical visiting hours and you can contact the residence and make arrangements for a visit.

Q: My child is in one of your residences, can I speak with him/her by telephone?

A: Yes, your child may speak with any family member, advocate or his/her lawyer while in the residence. Calls are initially screened by the staff to ensure that only approved people are able to contact your child.

Q: I’m a young person awaiting trial on a charge. Can I do community service instead of going to jail?

A: Most of our diversion, or community justice programs require a referral by the crown or the courts. Our Youth Community Action Planning program does take referrals from defence lawyers for clients to complete a program to have charges reduced at the bail stage.

Adult Justice

Q: I’m on probation. I have community service hours I need to complete. Where can I volunteer?

A: We have many community partners who take volunteers on probation. All of the organizations have to be registered charities to accept probation volunteer hours. The most popular agency is The Salvation Army and thrift stores.

Q: What sort of crimes are eligible for alternative measures?

A: The general rule is that the crime has to be non-violent and not financially significant. Also, those who have had alternative sentences in the past and then commit a similar crime again are unlikely to get alternative measures again.

Q: I have a 90-sentence, to be served on weekends, but I wasn’t sentenced to community measures – can I join your Intermittent Community Work Program?

A: The Intermittent Community Work program requires a referral by the prison where you are incarcerated. The jail administration decides who is eligible for this program and the terms of your participation. Only certain jails choose to participate in this program.

Q: Why am I being charged a fee for participation in the Federal diversion program?

A: We charge a small fee for this program because we are not funded by the government or any other agencies for this program. To fund the program, we have begun charging a small fee based on your income.

Q: I’ve heard that if I join your Stop Shop Theft program I will get a lighter sentence. Can I join this program?

A: You must be referred by a community justice worker at one of the five courts in Toronto to participate in this program – walk-ins will not get credit for completing this program unless you were referred.


Q: I don’t have a job – can you help me?

A: Yes! Please check our employment section for more information and details on all of programs.

Q: I’m on social assistance. I’m told I should meet with you to get a job. What can you do for me?

A: Our Success in Motion (SIM) program is a 8 week program to provide skills and assess those on Ontario works. Please check the program details for more information.

Q: I need more or different skills before I can get a job – what can do you for me?

A: Almost all of our employment programs have a skill-development component to them and if we don’t serve your needs we will refer you to someone who can.

Developmental Services

Q: I have a child with special needs who needs service/support – do you have any available spots in your program?

A: Discovery Club spots are available for a fee ($15-$70 per day depending on the type of service), please call our intake line (416) 525-5479.

All other vacancies for our Residential Program, SOAR program, PDP and Family Supports go through Ontario’s single access point through Developmental Services Ontario centralized intake, for more information go to or call 1(855)DS-ADULT/ 1(855)372-3858.

Q: Who is eligible for your residences? How do I arrange a spot for myself/my child?

A: All of our residential vacancies go through the DSO. If you are interested in learning more about the process or wish to be added to the Centralized Waiting list please contact the DSO at 1(855)DS-ADULT/1(855)372-3858.

Q: I have Passport funding, can I join the S.O.A.R. program?

A: No. S.O.A.R is a funded program. But you are able to purchase any of the Lifeskills programming offered at S.O.A.R. Call our Intake line at (416) 525-5479 and we can help you put together a package that works best for you.

Q: I want to purchase services. What is the cost of your program (s)?

A: Our Fee for Service prices range from $15-$70 a day, depending on what type of service you are looking for. Please call our Intake line (416) 525-5479 or email

Q: Who do you service (i.e. Asperger’s, adults or children, “high” functioning individuals, etc.)?

A: We service individuals aged 16 and up with developmental disabilities (such as Autism, Fragile X, Downs Syndrome etc.) who are looking to increase their independence and participate in community activities. The individual must be able to work and function with minimal support in a group setting.

Q: Do I need to attend S.O.A.R programming every day?

A: S.O.A.R. has a 4 day and a 5 day program, depending on an individual’s goal area their schedule could comprise of a job placement, community program and SOAR Lifeskills. Our counsellors will help you find a schedule that works for you.

Q: What services do you provide?

A: We provide Day Supports, Residential Services, Family Supports, Social Recreation, Fitness Programs, Person Directed Planning, Case Management, TTC training, Job Coaching and more, please call us to find out more!

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