Passion 2 Purpose

Passion 2 Purpose

Passion 2 Purpose is an entrepreneurship program for youth under the age of 29.

This program utilizes participants’ talents and strengths to start their own business.

Through P2P youth are provided the tools to gain extensive business knowledge and entrepreneurial training.

They set goals and create unique solutions, while gaining practical experience to bring their ideas to life.

This program empowers creative and ambitious young adults with the skills they need to become successful entrepreneurs. Participants build practical skills, knowledge and resources while using their talents and strengths to take their “passions to purpose”. The result is the launch of a small business or self-employment venture. Participants are coached by “mentor-preneurs” from the community and pitch their ventures for further supports, including micro-financing.

Meet our entrepreneurs! 

Jahsheena Morris: Mujer Hermosa

Germaine Muirhead: People 1st Food Coop

Chris Tan: Woke and Wealthy

Danielle Barcenas: La Mona

Asmaa Elsamnah: IMPACT’N Community Placement Student

Chantal Kruk: IMPACT’N Community Placement Student

Taylor Durrant: NOVA Beauty Cosmetics


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