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Adult Justice

Springboard Adult Justice Programs offers community supports and interventions for adults 18 years and older who are at various stages of the criminal justice system. Our adult programs and supports include:

Direct Accountability and Diversion Programs

The Direct Accountability and Federal Diversion (drug possession) programs accept referrals screened by the Crown Attorney or Federal Crown.  Those eligible are assessed by Springboard staff working at court.  The accused must accept responsibility for the offence and are assigned sanctions to complete in order to have the charge(s) withdrawn upon completion.  Restitution to victims is a priority as well as providing programming and referrals to address the underlying reasons for the offence.

The Stop Shop Theft program accepts referrals from the Direct Accountability programs in five criminal courts.  This program addresses the reasons for shop theft and the ramifications of a criminal record and the effect on the business community.  Programming is available in nine languages and is provided in group or individual counselling formats.

Intermittent Community Work Program (ICWP)

Embracing the principles of restorative justice, the ICWP provides a community work alternative for qualified males serving an intermittent sentence (usually on weekends).This allows the offender to maintain family and community connections which is a key contributing factor to healthy rehabilitation. This program is available in a number of communities across Ontario.

Substance Use Program

With the support of MADD Canada, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, and the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services (MCSCS), Springboard and its community partner, St. Leonard’s Community Services of London offers a voluntary group Substance Use Program for those convicted of impaired driving related charges and serving weekend intermittent sentences. This program focuses on substance use, the impacts of impaired driving on self, victims, and society, as well as education and coping skills.

Community Service Order Program (CSO)

The CSO program connects adults on probation with a community service condition to volunteer opportunities in the community. A CSO Counsellor conducts an assessment to determine the most appropriate work placement and monitors the successful completion of the work, all while providing supports and counsel.

Get In Touch

To get in touch with the appropriate supports, click here for a list of program contacts.

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