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Community Learning HUB

What is the HUB?

Inspired by youth, for youth, the Community Learning HUB is a digital suite of programs that enhances the way life skills are delivered to youth and adults. This innovative tool is easy to run and proven to work, leaving both the facilitator and the participants feeling more connected and energized.

The HUB includes:

  • 300 hours of interactive content from anger management to financial literacy
  • One-on-one training provided and instructions for each session at your fingertips
  • Programs that are constantly updated and improved based on facilitator feedback

 Who is the HUB for?

The HUB is designed to engage youth and adults who may not respond to traditional teaching methods. It targets, addresses and adapts to the most pressing and complex issues for in need communities. While community based programs do exist to assist, evidence shows that the engagement potential of these programs and their ability to keep pace with the fast paced technological developments is limited. The HUB is leading the pack in engaging and motivating youth and adults to develop their skills.

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You can purchase the HUB on a cost-recovery basis, with funding from the government, foundations and private donors. With this tool, you will engage, empower and inspire youth to make lasting change in their lives and their communities.

For more information, please contact:

416-977-0089 ext. 210 

Our newest program!

WEED OUT THE RISK: An anti-crash course for Canadian youth!


Carolyn Acker

Carolyn Acker C.M., Founder, Pathways to Education, Order of Canada

“I have had the wonderful opportunity to attend HUB programming sessions with youth and I can say from my personal experience that the HUB is very powerful and very moving when you see the direct impact the HUB is having on youth. I was so touched to see that one youth was attending the program, not because he was required to but because he enjoyed HUB learning so much and he wants to keep coming back to learn more through the HUB. This is not something you see every day, especially with youth who have so many barriers to learning. At the end of one of the sessions I saw some of the youth at a bus stop and I asked them to help me remember one of the tools to manage anger and they quickly explained the tool to me again. The fact that they could recall this tool so readily and explain it with such enjoyment is just exceptional.”

Carolyn Acker C.M., Founder, Pathways to Education, Order of Canada

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