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If you’re looking for a job or want help finding the career path that’s right for you, Springboard is here to support you. Each year, hundreds of youth and adults find jobs or training programs through Springboard that help them realize their potential. When you walk through our doors, you will find someone ready to help you develop a plan that is tailor-made to your unique needs. You will receive the specialized support, structure and guidance you need to achieve your employment goals. You will also find a range of personalized services, including one-on-one coaching, practical workshops and access to the tools you need to start your job search. Take a look at our employment programs to find the best fit for you:

Springboard Employment Services

Practical workshops and job development for unemployed individuals aged 16 and up. Through Springboard coaching, career exploration, goal planning, job search and job training, you will find a suitable job or career path.

If you’re an Ontario resident, and would like to set up an appointment to learn more, click here.

Once you have filled out the application and indicate you want to submit it to Springboard, you will receive a call from us to schedule the next available appointment.

Success in Motion

This six week employment essential program is here for you if you’re 18 or over and on social assistance. Workshops will address life skills that can be barriers to your finding work, such as low self-esteem, anxiety or a lack of career focus. Together, we will work on bringing down these barriers and move forward in a positive direction.

Moving On Up

This six week employment essential program is designed for women 18 or over and on social assistance. Workshops will address personal management skills that can be a hindrance to a work-life balance. Gain the confidence and skills to empower yourself to be the best you!

Youth Job Connection 

The Youth Job Connection program provides youth between the ages 15-29 an opportunity to gain extensive employability skills by using the following components to gage success: 3-week pre-employment workshops with 7 week on the job placement, assessment and career development, increase of knowledge of job and career options, develop employability skills, work experience, support transitions to employment and training, and education during and after the program.

Youth Job Connection – Summer

This program offers youth between the ages 15-29 an opportunity to gain extensive employability skills by using the following components to gage success: 2 week pre-employment workshops with 8 week on the job placement, assessment and career development, acquire employability skills and work experience. Please contact us for more information.

Youth Job Link 

The Youth Job Link program offers youth, including students, aged 15 to 29, who do not face significant barriers to employment, but who could benefit from some extra help to plan their careers and transition to the labour market.


The Canada-Ontario Job Grant provides an opportunity for employers to invest in their workforce, with help from the government. The Job Grant will provide direct financial support to individual employers who wish to purchase training for their employees. It is available to small, medium and large businesses with a plan to deliver short-term training to existing and new employees. Please contact us for more information.

Violence Intervention Ambassadors

Youth Violence Intervention Ambassadors facilitate life skills workshops for their peers. These interactive workshops are designed to empower and help youth develop the skills and tools needed to be proactive in dealing with anger, substance prevention, managing emotions, healthy relationships and other stressful situations.

Get In Touch

To speak with one of our employment counsellors, contact us at 416-849-4421. Click here to view our full workshop schedule, and contact the Employment office to register!

Featured Story

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Anna’s Story

Anna is a college student who was looking for a rewarding job over the summer, to get some valuable experience and to help pay for her school expenses. She was struggling to find a job on her own, but came across Springboard’s Summer Jobs Service online, and attended one of their registration sessions in February. Springboard counselors provided her with the guidance she needed, and helped her finalize her resume and practice her interview skills, in preparation for their big March Break job fair. At the fair, Anna met with a representative from Cineplex Odeon and was able to secure an interview.  After a second interview, she was hired, and spent her summer making new friends, paying off her school expenses and securing valuable experience and references. Anna credits Springboard for helping to build her confidence. “They showed me that anybody can be successful once you make that effort… they made me believe in myself!”


March 13, 2015
SJS Registration
March 16, 2015
SES Orientation
March 17, 2015
Essential Communication
March 18, 2015
March Break Job Fair
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