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Youth Justice

Springboard offers a number of effective programs for youth aged 12-17 who are involved at various stages of the criminal justice system. With our support, these youth can realize their full potential and create better futures for themselves.

Attendance Program

A sentencing alternative for youth aged 12-17 who are at various stages of involvement in the justice system. We provide skill development workshops and counselling to youth using our interactive software, the HUB, to deliver programming in the areas of substance abuse, violence prevention anger management, part-time employment, and a Girls Group to empower young women.

Youth Court Action Planning Program (YCAPP)

A voluntary program for youth before the courts needing support in connecting to community resources. After a comprehensive risk/needs assessment with the youth, YCAPP counsellors build a personalized plan to address the youth’s behaviours in partnership with the youth, their families, defense counsel, and community partners. Counsellors follow-up and support youth until their matters in court are complete.

Youth Connect

This enhanced Extra Judicial Sanctions program supports youth that are before the court to address factors that have contributed to their criminal behaviour and improve their performance in school and in work. We work together with the youth to create and implement a personalized action plan as an alternative to the formal court process. The L.I.K.E (Leadership, Integrity, Knowledge, Empowerment) group program is also available for the youth and focusses on relationship skills. Youth are referred by the crown or Probation EJS coordinator through the courts.

Youth in Transition Program

This program assists youth in their successful transition from the child welfare system to adulthood.  Springboard’s Youth in Transition Worker supports youth involved in the justice system as they takes steps toward independent living.

Youth Justice Committees

With the dedication of over 60 community volunteers, these programs offer alternatives to the formal court process where community conferences bring together the youth and their support people with the victim of an offence to assist the youth to make amends for the harm caused. Together all participants determine, in conjunction with program staff, measures suitable for each youth to complete. These measures are assigned to ensure that the needs of the victim, families, and youth are addressed.

Youth Residences

Springboard provides residential services in a “home like” setting for young males who are either awaiting trial or have been sentenced to a period of custody by the Youth Justice Court. Along with providing for their basic needs (shelter, bed, food) the staff run programs with the youth to help them develop skills/knowledge they can use when they go back into the community.  It doesn’t matter how long they are with us, they leave with new skills and knowing the staff cared about them and their well being!

Featured Story


Daniel’s Story

Eight days before he turned 18, Daniel was charged with a serious criminal offence. He was a young man spiralling out of control in a largely unsupervised setting, raised by a single parent. His only saving grace was that, because he wasn’t 18 yet, he was sentenced to serve time at a Springboard youth justice residence, instead of being sent to jail.

At the residence, Daniel’s life started to change for the better. The Springboard counsellors didn’t ask him to change who he was, but instead, they taught him how to apply his survival tactics in a more productive way. The staff and programming helped him see that there was a better way to live.

Daniel was able to turn his life around. He applied to York University and began studying sociology which then led him to Osgoode Hall. He is now a criminal defence lawyer who works mostly with youth involved in the justice system, and introduces many of them to Springboard’s services.

“I cannot thank Springboard enough – they gave me that structure that helped me climb the ladder out of the dark place that I was in. There are youth out there right now who are in the same situation, and they need our support. Springboard saw the potential in me when I couldn’t see it in myself.”

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