Weed Out The Risk: An anti-crash course for Canadian youth

With the legalization of recreational marijuana quickly approaching in Canada, there is increasing concern that the growing use of cannabis, particularly among youth, will pose further road safety risks. Springboard, a community based youth serving organization with a proven track record in this area is seeking to expand its innovative “Weed Out the Risk” educational program to address road safety risks of driving under the influence of marijuana for youth drivers over the next three years.


Research has found that cannabis use has become a “normalized” behavior among many youth with 41% indicating they have no concerns about smoking and driving. Weed Out the Risk (WOTR) seeks to challenge those misconceptions. Since 2014, the WOTR message has been delivered to over 8000 high school aged youth participants in a variety of educational and community based settings in Ontario.


Endorsed by professional educators, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), MADD Canada and community leaders, WOTR is a web-based learning tool which informs participants about the risks of marijuana use and driving through an interactive series of educational games, activities and videos.


Weed Out The Risk at a Glance



How it works?

Our engaging facilitators will come to your school to provide this one period program to one or more classrooms at no cost. Our program messaging has been directly linked to the Ontario secondary school curriculum and the program can be accommodated within the scheduling complexities of your school.
We look forward to the opportunity to present this program to your school. For more information please contact the WOTR staff at 416-615-0788 or fill out our contact form HERE


Public Service Announcement (PSA) about weed and driving

Springboard is concerned about public safety risks that will arise if teens choose to consume weed and drive, or if they chose to be a passenger in a vehicle where the driver is high.  We have produced the following video to highlight some commonly held misconceptions about weed and driving.   Feel free to share this video with others in your community.



#WeedOutTheRisk Wednesday

Join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook for #WeedOutTheRisk Wednesday! Let’s work together to make our roads safe of driving under the influence of marijuana. 



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