Focused on Building Skills

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Our Approach

People are at the centre of everything we do, how we do it, and why we do it

That’s why we approach every client with attention to our core values of accountability, community engagement, diversity, innovation and professionalism.

Clients who benefit from Springboard’s multifaceted expertise can expect us to understand how developmental disabilities or a lack of employment can factor into issues of involvement. The client’s needs are the focus of everything we do because we cross social service boundaries. In other words, we fit the programs to the client’s needs rather than forcing them to fit into a rigid program structure.

Best of all, with our focus on skill building, clients can expect to improve their lives and the lives of their family and community upon completion of a Springboard program.

Our Mission

Springboard builds stronger communities by helping at risk and vulnerable youth and adults through critical transitions in their lives with a focus on community justice, employment and developmental disability services.

As a charitable organization, we provide innovative, professional and diverse programming by establishing partnerships between our clients and the community.

“It was great to be opened up to so many options and services and to see such a well-executed program such as the Youth Court Action Planning Program. My daughter’s needs were met promptly and accurately and for this I am eternally grateful. Too many times people get lost, but in every step of the way I felt like we were in it together. Thank you being there for us!”

Youth Court Action Planning Program client’s mother


“Since Samantha has started SOAR she has opened up and become more expressive at home. S.O.A.R. staff created a communication book for Samantha which Samantha has been using at home. Samantha has become more independent at home, assisting around the house with chores. She looks forward to coming every day to S.O.A.R. I’m glad that she has this program to go to.”

Participant’s Mother


“You don’t know me, but I am one of the thousands of people who are currently unemployed. My career was in the corporate world – Human Resources. In these uncertain times and with the inordinate amount of information out there – that can be confusing and daunting for someone in my position – Leslie was a ray of light. She took the time to listen, was supportive, and answered my questions – she was extremely helpful. I left the conversation feeling positive and knowing what direction I am going to take for myself.”

Employment Services client

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