Changing Lives Together

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Our Impact

Every person who goes through a Springboard program successfully and sees their life improve is a shining example of the impact we have on the community. Our programs and services play a vital role in realizing the potential in everyone. Here is how we’re changing lives, together:

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Unemployment rates in Ontario remain higher than the national average, with the gap between adult and youth unemployment rates increasing. The consequences of unemployment are far-reaching and affect individuals, families, our communities and economy.

Within this context, the need to support individuals in finding meaningful employment is extremely important. At Springboard, youth and adults receive specialized support, structure and guidance to achieve their employment goals.

Developmental Services

An estimated 66,500 adults are living with a developmental disability in Ontario.  A developmental disability affects a person’s ability to learn and/or their capacity to gain personal independence.

Clients of Springboard’s residential and day programs ‎are supported as they increase their skills in such areas as self-care, meal planning and cooking, accessing the community safely and pre-employment in order to make key life transitions.

Youth Justice

Many youth who come into conflict with the law face multiple challenges that put them at risk for criminal behaviour, including but not limited to emotional and behavioural disorders, learning disabilities, parental abuse and neglect, and poverty. On the other hand, some offences may be committed by youth mainly due to lack of maturity.

Springboard delivers a number of youth justice programs in the community that, in keeping with the principles of the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA), hold youth accountable for their behaviour through measures that are proportionate to the seriousness of the alleged offence.

Springboard programs provide youth with opportunities to address the issues underlying their offending behaviour and to learn skills that will help them make better choices.

Adult Justice

Research shows that community sanctions are more effective than imprisonment in reducing the rates of reoffending. Imprisonment may even increase the likelihood of future offending and is an extremely costly measure to impose, requiring over $100,000 a year to put an adult in prison.

Springboard delivers programs in the community for adults in conflict with the law that increase the likelihood of successful reintegration into the community, while providing meaningful consequences to offending behaviour.

Programs may address underlying issues causing criminal behaviour and/or require individuals to give back to their community. By participating in community justice programs, clients are able to maintain family and community connections – key contributors to healthy rehabilitation.

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