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Direct Accountability & Stop Shop Theft

Direct Accountability Program

The Direct Accountability programs accept referrals screened by the Crown Attorney. Those eligible are assessed by Springboard staff working at court. The accused must accept responsibility for the offence and are assigned sanctions to complete in order to have the charge(s) withdrawn upon completion.  Restitution to victims is a priority as well as providing programming and referrals to address the underlying reasons for the offence.

Stop Shop Theft Program

Stop Shop theft is group or individual counselling for those charged with shoplifting. The program accepts referrals from the Direct Accountability programs in five criminal courts.

This program addresses the reasons for shop theft and the ramifications of a criminal record and the effect on the business community. Programming is available in nine languages and is provided in group or individual counselling formats, and run out of 5 locations.

What did you like about this workshop?


“Very informative, gives examples-real life situations”

“The program was so helpful, I learn(ed) a lot and many things I didn’t know”

“The lady was nice and made us feel no different”

“It was interactive and easy to follow”

“It gave me an opportunity to reflect on past mistakes”



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