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Employment Services Program

Employment Services provides nine individualized services ranging from one-on-one counselling to job coaching and skill-building workshops. Through practical workshops and job development for unemployed individuals aged 15 and up, we support individuals to find employment, training and education to further their careers.


in the 2021/2022 YEAR


Despite being involved in other workshops, aimed at helping me find meaningful employment, Operation Springboard has exceeded my expectations. It has provided the necessary understanding and skills required becoming successful in future career prospects. From the warm reception, wonderful staff, and individual attention, I really enjoyed my time in the program and have since recommended it to other youth having trouble navigating within the workforce.

With the help of Operation Springboard, I was able to secure a position as an Executive Assistant with the non-profit Alexandra Park Community Centre. I immediately integrated the new skills I learned in the program to overcome problems from tasks and other common workplace issues. I really appreciated the time and commitment demonstrated by OS, and the exemplary staff as they are huge contributors to the success of the program and my own as well.

– Mustafa Hashi, Employment Services Participant


This Employment Ontario program is funded by the Government of Ontario.