Youth Job Link

This program is designed to assist youth, including students, between the ages of 15-29, who do not face significant barriers to employment but could use an extra hand in finding work and exploring their career path. When enrolled in this program you will receive one-on-one individualized support with your resume, interview skills, job search and more.

Participant Story

Jake* is a high school student who was looking for support in securing his first job to gain formal work experience and to start saving towards University. He was referred to Springboard Employment Services by a friend and soon became a part of the Youth Job Link program in August. Springboard counsellors worked with him to provide the support he needed to ensured that he was prepared with an effective resume and ready to job search. After applying to a few different positions he received a call back from Best Buy. Springboard counsellors worked with him and practiced interview skills. The next day he let us know that “the interview went AMAZING!” and he was offered the job on the spot. All of his hard work, dedication and commitment had come to fruition. He continues to work part-time and is enjoying his position. He expressed his gratitude to Springboard counsellors for their support in his journey of securing employment, “The words ‘thank you’ has become so common in our conversations, but that’s true – I’m so thankful for everything you’ve done”.

*Name withheld to protect privacy

This Employment Ontario program is funded by the Government of Ontario.