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Lidia Monaco

Chief Executive Officer

Lidia Monaco Headshot

A leader in the social service sector for over 25 years, Lidia has skills and experience overseeing various program areas, managing staff, funding and partnerships. She seeks system innovations, quality improvements and effectiveness while developing and supporting staff to benefit clients and the community.

Lidia earned a Masters of Adult Education, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology, and holds a Certificate, Teacher of Adults. In April 2015, Lidia commenced employment as Associate Executive Director at St. Stephen’s Community House. Direct reports included Program Directors, Operations, and IT.

After St. Stephen Community House merged into The Neighbourhood Group in April 2020, her role evolved into VP of Strategic Initiatives & Integration and the lead for Change Management. Lidia was tasked with innovating and recommending focus areas to the CEO. The portfolio included 438 units of housing and housing development, Toronto South Local Immigration Partnership (TSLIP) and Newcomer Services, ten licensed Child Care sites, the Trustee Hub, where unincorporated grassroots groups are financially trusteed and supported and Conflict Resolution & Training Services, a social enterprise.

Lidia ensured new partnerships, initiatives and integrations aligned with the organization’s mission and strategic directions. She improved quality, enhanced programs, broadened the reach of services, and examined systems for improved effectiveness and ease. In addition, she worked with coalitions and networks in advocacy campaigns finding ways to improve client services.


For the past 43 years Springboard has earned a reputation as innovators in the delivery of evidence informed skill development and educational programs that respond to the diverse needs of the people we serve. We work in partnership with other non profit groups, government and private stakeholders to provide our clients with the hope and opportunity they need to succeed.