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A stronger community starts with
engaged people at its core.

That’s the guiding philosophy behind the programs and services offered by Springboard — and the dedicated and caring professionals who run them. Springboard is here to help young people and adults develop the skills they need to reach their full potential.


Springboard focuses on specific program and service areas that offer inspiration to people who need it most.


Helping people connect, get inspired and achieve their full potential.


Our Programs and Services

“Weed Out the Risk”

Our innovative “Weed Out the Risk” educational program to address road safety risks of driving under the influence of cannabis for youth drivers.

Community Learning HUB

Over the past 10 years, Springboard has developed a comprehensive web-based platform of interactive, multi-media, skill building programs referred to as the Community Learning HUB (The HUB). The HUB is designed to engage at risk individuals who may not respond to traditional teaching methods with programming focusing on enhancing the way life skills are delivered.

This innovative tool is being used by over a 100 social service agencies in Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan and is being delivered in a wide range of settings such as youth justice centres, Community Re-Integration and Support Programs, Youth Employment Programs, schools, First Nations communities and Friendship Centres.