Our Mission

Our Approach

Springboard builds stronger communities by helping at risk and vulnerable youth and adults through critical transitions in their lives with a focus on community justice, employment and developmental disability services.

People are at the centre of everything we do.

That’s why we approach every client with attention to our core values of inclusivity, collaboration, innovation, care, and integrity.

INCLUSIVE: We value and respect diverse cultures, ethnicities, sexual identities, circumstances, perspectives and abilities in our relationships with all individuals.

COLLABORATIVE: We believe working collaboratively with staff, the people we serve and our community partners is critical to advancing our mission.

INNOVATIVE: We are highly responsive to the individual needs of the people we serve, and embrace change, ideas and approaches that will help them to succeed.

CARING: We are passionate about our work and the difference we help to make in the lives of the people we serve.

INTEGRITY: We hold ourselves accountable to all our stakeholders for delivering on results that matter in a way that is rigorous, honest, ethical and transparent.

Our Impact

What it Means

Our logo represents the essence of the Springboard brand – that we put people at the centre of everything we do. The centre circle represents those people, and when viewed as a unit, the circles have additional meaning. They represent the ripple effect that Springboard has on the community, and also the top view of a spring, which is the jumping off point for our clients to reach their full potential and achieve their future goals.

  • Who We Serve

    We serve a diverse group of individuals, ranging from participants with developmental disabilities, individuals referred by the courts for diversion services to NEET youth and adults (Not in Education, Employment, or Training).

  • Our Goals

    The goals for the people Springboard serves include: feeling more empowered, developing skills, and reaching personal goals.

  • Our History

    For over 40 years, Springboard has been a meeting place for passionate professionals and people looking for guidance as they achieve their full potential.

The Results


Marg Stanowski

Executive Director

Anna Peters

Director, Finance, IT and Facilities

Marissa D'Mello

Director, People & Culture

Cole, The Honourable Justice David P.
Di Nino, The Honourable Consiglio
Foster, Bonnie
Harrison, Don
Jackman, Dr. Frederic L.R.
Jarvis, The Honourable Peter G.
Kaplanis, Aris
Lewis, M. George
McMurtry, The Honourable R. Roy
Toronto Blue Jays
Addario, Susan
Arbuckle, David
Arubs, Jeff
Barrett, Wayne
Bozzo, Sandy
Daniels, Arthur
Derry, Kim
Dyson, The Honourable Norm
Eagan, Michael
Ferguson, The Honourable Dan S.
Fisher, Harold
Goldhar, Melanie
Hicks, Blain
Lambert, Brad
Leger, Sylvie
Leonard, Sandra G.
Manna, Paul
Nowina, Cindy
Reid, Rick
Speers, Dawna
Stall, John
Wilcox, Jane
Wortley, Scot
Zbar, Morris
Dhas, Binu
Dodge, Dana
Farewell, Elgin
Fisher, Harold
Foster, Bonnie
Grace, Rebecca
Grant, Fran
Greco, Clara
Hoehn, Sean
Howson, Susan
Jeewan, Kevin
King, Jeff
Leaver, Wendy
Leger, Sylvie
Leslie, Roger
Luccon, Ennia
McWilliams, Denise
Murphy, Liz
Nguyen, Lan
Peters, Anna
Russo, Agostino
Stanowski, Marg
Steer, Susan
White, Richard

Springboard is committed to leveraging our resources and to minimizing administrative costs.

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