Youth in Transition

This program assists youth in their successful transition from the child welfare system to adulthood.

Springboard’s Youth in Transition Worker (YITW) works with young people, ages 16-24 years old, who are current, or former Crown Wards. The YITW provides clients with support, advocacy and crisis management with a focus on life skills. The YITW makes appropriate referrals based on what the young persons needs and goals are, and provides support while they work on accomplishing their long term goals.  

Our YITW works out of the youth court with young people currently involved in the judicial system. The YITW will work with all parties involved and support the youth in achieving their goals.

Client Story from our YITW Megan:


I started working with Sarah* in late 2016, when she was in need of support with finding housing. Sarah was being emotionally and physically abused by her father. I connected with a housing support worker in the community, and attended Sarah's first housing appointment, where she bravely shared her story. It was decided that we would try for a priority housing application so that Sarah would be fast tracked, due to the abuse in the family home. 

Her application was accepted, and she moved into her first apartment in November. Since this was her first apartment, she had no furnishings. I assisted her with applying for Ontario Works, and advocated for a housing start up fund for her to get everything she needed. 

I was able to connect with the furniture bank, and advocated to get her an appointment. The intake worker was able to get her in, but there was a few weeks until her appointment. In the meantime, I worked with Sarah on cleaning her apartment and getting everything else that she needed. We worked on budgeting and went to the grocery store to fill her cupboards and fridge. I supported her during her furniture bank appointment, where she was able to pick out everything including a brand new mattress and bed frame for her place. 

Sarah is now all settled into her apartment and is doing great. We continue to meet every other week to catch up and continue to support her in everything she needs. 

*Name withheld for privacy