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Work with us

Engaged partners help us stay connected to new ideas, enhance and expand our services, and enrich our communities.

Springboard relies on a diverse range of government, corporate, foundation and community partners to help fulfill its mission to empower vulnerable individuals with new opportunities, connections and supports.

By working collaboratively, we are able to deliver a continuum of holistic programs and services that help individuals achieve their goals while bringing about positive change to diverse communities across Ontario.

Future Partners

A partnership with Springboard presents a unique opportunity for you to invest in programs and services that play a vital role in helping those in need. There are many ways for your organization to engage with Springboard.

Financial Gifts & Corporate Social Responsibility
Annual Golf Marathon Sponsorship
Community Learning HUB
Employee Engagement and Workplace Giving

Thank you to our current partners who continue to inspire us all to make a difference:

Government Partners

City of Toronto
Department of Justice Canada
Health Canada
Ministry of Attorney General
Ministry of the Solicitor General
Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services
Toronto District School Board
Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development
Toronto Employment and Social Services

Toronto District School Board
Toronto Police Service

Foundations and Community Organizations

Blankenstein Family Foundation
The Great Gulf Homes Charitable Foundation
Toronto Foundation
Jackman Foundation
Telus Friendly Future Foundation
RBC Foundation
The Bedolfe Foundation
CHUM Charitable Foundation
UK Online Giving Foundation
Ontario Power Generation Employee’s and Pensioner’s Trust Fund

Corporate Partners

Vision Legal Recruitment
The Daniels Corporation
Fuse Development Corporation
Deltera Inc.
Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP
Westhall Limited Partnership
Teranet Inc.
Cytos Limited
Bazil Developments Inc.
Liane & Craig 3Coze Inc.
TD Canada Trust, Metro Region
Scotia Wealth Management
Andrew Parker Prof Corp
Paradise Homes Corp.

Individual Donors

Adam Mendes
Agostino Russo
Al Cibulak
Alan Polak
Alexandra Somers
Alicia Lu
Allen Cooper
Allison McManus
Amanda Marrison
Amanda Darren
Amy Hoidas
Andre Blanchard
Andrea Dhas
Andrea Fernandes
Andrea Gare
Andy Stanfield
Ann Schwemler
Antoni Wisniowski
Barry Simmonds
Barry Sookman
Beatrice Bairos-Driedger
Bert Steenburgh
Bill Pinkerton
Binu Dhas
Blain Hicks
Blaine Rideout
Blair Chandler
Blake Wallace
Bonnie Foster
Brad Lambert
Brandon Walsh
Brenda McCulloch
Brendan Cunneen
Brett Christen
Brian Brennan
Brian McColl
Brian Kimber
Bruce Rothney
Bruce Shirreff
Bruno De Petrillo
Caroline Liu
Cheryl Leide
Chris Yankou
Christine Megit
Ciju Dhas
Cindy Nowina
Clara Greco
Claudia Casciato
Consiglio Di Nino
Courteney Ponting
Dallas Draper
Dana Dodge
Daniel McPherson
Dave West
David Arbuckle
David Close
David Cullen
David Duncan
David Kantor
David Lever
David Skurka
Debby Wood
Deborah Newman
Deepak Gupta
Demetra Streda
Dennis Barnhart
Dennis Clayton
Diana Walsh
Dominic Conforti
Don James Harrison
Donald Ferguson
Dorrie Britton
Doug McCann
Ed Starr
Edie Kim
Elaine Morris
Elgin Farewell
Elizabeth Downing
Elvira Gousopoulos
Eric Black
Ernie Groenewold
F. Morrison
Fariba Rawhani
Fran Grant
Gabe Fabiano
Gabriela Kegalj
Gale Kelly
Grant Sackin
Greg Kowal
Gunther Krieg
Guy Belliveau
Hailee Morrison
Hakob Harutyunyan
Hani Ahmed
Harold Fisher
Harry Gousopoulos
Helen Girodat
Ian Palm
Jack Winberg
Jacqueline Hawkins
Jamie Vieira
Jane Diercks
Jane McIvor
Janice Rossiter
Jay Forbes
Jennifer Gibbs
JoAnn Miller-Reid
Joanne Berry
Jodi Gibson
John Bonus
John Herald
John Knowlton
John Podrebarac
John Robinson
John Stasiak
Jos Wintermans
Judyann Menezes
Julia Reed
Julie O’Donnell
Julie Parla
Justin St-Onge
Katie Reis
Keith McDonell
Ken Dryden
Ken Lehner
Ken Ronson
Ken Burke
Kenton Bradbury
Kerri Brass
Kevin Pavey
Kevin Tomlinson
Kevin and Cynthia Fullan
Kim De Matos
Kimberley Shilson
Kristi Gasteiger
Latif Fazel
Laurence Proudlock
Lawrence Franco
Lenore Cruz
Linda Stephen
Lloyd Davis
Lois MacDonald
Lori Montague
Lorne Udaskin
Mag Stewart
Marcello Morra
Margaret Stanowski
Maria Liberatore
Maria Chona Corrie-Leonar
Marilyn Stitt
Marites Donado
Mark Schuler
Mark Saunders
Martin Caprani
Mary Bouwman
Mary Mathews
Matthew Sims
Maurizio Cozzi
Melanie Goldhar
Michael Eagan
Michael Holland
Michael LeBlanc
Michael McQuay
Michael Shaen
Michele Alphonso
Michelle Yau
Michelle Vankoughnet
Nadim Kara
Niall Stockham
Nino Di Consiglio
Noel Milner
Norm Scott
Norma Bertolo
Norman Ho
Paul Henry
Paul Tsaparis
Paule Desautels
Peter Birkness
Peter Kolisnyk
Peter Watson
Philip Alexiu
Preeti Sudhakar
R. Roy McMurtry
Rabiul Sihon
Ralph Warren
Randy Colbert
Raphael Berard
Renton Stevenson
Richard Marrison
Richard White
Rishi Malkani
Robert Allen
Robert Hansen
Rocco Pantalone
Ron Ruetz
Ronald Smith
Salvador Santoro
Sandra Hind
Sandra Leonard
Sanjukta Vasisht
Santoro Salvador
Scott McIntyre
Scott Sinha
Stan Stewart
Stephanie Sugar
Stephen Hutchings
Steve Ormonde
Steve Swalm
Steve Szucs
Stu Henry
Susan Howson
Suzanne Gibson
Talal Houalla
Terry Steer
Thomas Arnold
Tom Mosseau
Trevor Hande
Umesh Pradhan
Valerie MacDonald
Vicki McArthur
Vince Scaramuzza
Vladimir Fernandez
Wendy Leaver
Wendy Moore
Yves Denomme
Zahir Manek
2019 / 2020 ANNUAL REPORT


It is clear that Springboard values selflessly serving our community. We share in this value and it makes our partnership seamless. Last year’s partnership allowed for our associates to engage in rewarding volunteer opportunities including a number of fintech initiatives supporting financial literacy – endeavours that were so well received it felt necessary to pursue them further in 2017.

– Corporate Social Responsibility, Capital One Canada