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A sentencing alternative for youth aged 12-17 who are at various stages of involvement in the justice system. We provide skill development workshops and counselling to youth using our interactive software, the HUB, to deliver programming in the areas of substance abuse, violence-prevention anger management, part-time employment, and a Girls Group to empower young women.


The Aris Kaplanis Centre for Youth
2568 Lawrence Ave. East
Scarborough, ON M1P 2R7

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Meet Some of Our Clients


“I like to draw/sketch. I would really like to take some courses in high school so I can become a famous drawer. I really want to be able to travel to different countries and see different art all around the world with different sizes, designs, shapes and colours. Some art has meaning in it and there’s a reason it’s drawn the way it is. Some art is just for fun. I really like pastels they always look good on paper. You can draw so many pictures.”


“Something I am proud of is that I’m a very independent person, I don’t rely on anybody or anything. I know that if I want something I have to work hard & get it. My most important value is loyalty, if you’re always there for me, I’ll always be there for you, if you don’t have loyalty in your blood I won’t associate with you at all.”


“I would say I’m different from everyone else. I guess you could say I’m that girl that walks down the halls and gets weird stares. I would wear and still do occasionally wear black lipstick and all black clothing, I would get called names like emo, sometimes it didn’t bother me but sometimes it just got to me.

It got to the point where sometimes I would get messages or anonymous messages in my Saraha calling me emo and other rude things like that, I honestly didn’t consider it bullying cause they’re just voicing their opinions about me. People told me oh you’ll get over it, it’s just a faze… I don’t think it really was or is a faze but people just don’t understand that people change, so since I changed so much I get called names for that I learned to kinda just let people say what they want to cause the only people opinions matter are the ones who actually care for me and like me for me”