Youth Justice Committees

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With the dedication of over 60 community volunteers in 3 locations, these programs offer alternatives to the formal court process where community conferences bring together the youth and their support people with the victim of an offence to assist the youth to make amends for the harm caused. Together all participants determine, in conjunction with program staff, measures suitable for each youth to complete. These measures are assigned to ensure that the needs of the victim, families, and youth are addressed.

What our committee members have to say:

"Springboard has been an inspiration to me in observing how they work with youth to make better decisions.The educational meetings have been enlightening and the social interaction with other volunteers has been enjoyable.

My time with the East area has given me the opportunity to meet youth and their families.  I have enjoyed sharing with them the benefits of choosing to live a honest life.  One never knows what these youth will become and what kind of contribution they will make wherever they live.  Thanks Springboard for allowing me to volunteer and be apart of such a wonderful growing organization to help youth."

- Helen Northcott, RPN, RP

"Initially when I started as a panel member I would probably put only one year into it and chalk it up to being a great experience in giving back to the community. Now five years later I'm still volunteering and feel honoured to be part of such a committed organization helping youth of tomorrow. I would encourage anyone who is thinking of volunteering to not hesitate to give of your time for such a worthy cause."

-Anne Hurl 


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